Yesterday along with Help from Others, We Donated Dinner to the Staff Helping Damar Hamlin at UC Medical Center

On Wednesday I Got a got a call from my friend Jackie Barczak (An ER Nurse from Buffalo) Asking how we could help get meals to UC Medical Center to Thank the Staff Caring for Damar Hamlin for all of their Hard Work over the Past Few Days.

Yesterday, Thanks to our Friends at City BBQ in Cincinnati, We had Dinner Delivered to the Whole ER, ICU, and EMS Team at the Hospital as well as for Damars Family and Bills Staff.

Thanks to Donations from Gameday Hospitality, Jackie Barczak, John Mikulec and others. As well as help from Madeline Hall of Buffalo Food Slut and BFS Brand, and Lauren Lexx (Both who help with our Buffalo Tailgates) for helping on the Ground Last Night.

We are Proud of how the Cities of Buffalo and Cincinnati, which we are proud to call two of our home tailgate cities, have come together this week, no just as fans, but as humans.

And Now Today we have Announced that $5 of any Tailgate Ticket Sold and $50 of Any Group Tent Booked Between Now and Sunday for Our Buffalo Red Zone Tailgate vs New England or Our Cincinnati Orange Zone Tailgate vs Baltimore will be Donated to Damar Hamlin’s Chasing M’s Foundation!

We will work on more ways to raise money at the upcoming playoff tailgate events in both Buffalo and Cincinnati and announce those in the coming days.

We were Founded by Bills fans from Buffalo and will continue to do all we can to help the Buffalo and Western New York Communities as well as all of the Cities we host events in!

– John Mikulec (Founder & CEO, Gameday Hospitality)

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